Friday, November 1, 2013

Rough Hewn II: ESCAPE Cover Reveal

I can't tell you all how excited I am to finally share this book with you. And, the cover is fantastic. Rebbekah White captured the story in teeny-tiny pixels and fitted them together to come up with this wonderful cover that represents Jim and Carolyn Breckenship.

The Book

Rough Hewn II: Escape picks up the lives of Kilmservy Village's most well-known citizens almost two hundred years after the village was settled by the Stuttshire and Breckenship families.

Life has changed a lot in the small mountain village since Oliver Stuttshire, Yule Breckenship and their families made the journey from the shores of North Carolina to the mountains of Tennessee. Some things never change, though. Good people tend to pass on their way of life to their children and grandchildren. All of whom go out into the world and try to make it better in their own way. The same can be said for people who are not so good. Those with evil in their hearts pass on that evil to the young ones. And if they are not strong enough to fight it, these children mimic the behaviors they've learned at home.

Some say it's in the blood; that evil passes from generation to generation. In the case of the Breckenship blood line, it seems to be true. Each new generation of Breckenship men seem more monstrous than those who have gone before. If it's true that evil endures in the blood and is passed on, than this family is the epitome of such evil. And, Jim Breckenship is the worst of the lot.

Jim's wife, Carolyn, learns too late that whispers of her husband's crimes are more than rumors. She must reconcile within herself the reasons she stays in the house with a monster. Additionally, she must alter her escape plan as Jim's actions grow more abhorrent by the day, nay, the hour. Will she escape in time to save herself and her secret, or has she waited too long?

The Cover

Now, as promised, the cover for Escape.

I'd like to thank Rebbekah White of Advantage Marketing for You and Master Koda Select Publishing for a job well done on this cover. You've truly captured Jim in all his 'glory'.

Book Launch Party

I'd like to invite everyone to the online book launch for Escape on Facebook. There will be games with prizes awarded, authors, readers, and friends. I'd love to have you stop by. The date is November 8 and the time is 3:00 PM CST. Please join us while we celebrate another release from Master Koda Select Publishing. The link for the party is here.


It's always good to see you. Thank you for stopping by the desk today. 


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