Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Once had a Farm in Ireland

Please welcome Siggy Buckley to the desk today. Her newest release, I Once had a Farm in Ireland, is flying off the shelves, and has already landed several five star reviews. 


I Once had a Farm in Ireland:

Living the Organic Lifestyle
Author: Siggy Buckley
Cover: Tayyana Bano
Genre: Memoir
ASIN: B00WVMQ3G0 Ebook $2.99
ISBN:  9781943274659 ; tradepaper pp.2 40 ; 5.5.X 8.25       
List price: $12.80 on Kindle: $2.99

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About the book:
A wheelbarrow, a cable drum, gardening tools, and a pickaxe are unusual items on a wedding registry. They are what Mac and Siggy, a German professional couple, need to fulfill their dream of organic gardening. When Chernobyl blows up a few years later, they are scared enough to undertake fundamental changes in the lives of their young family to seek a simpler and healthier lifestyle in an unspoiled country.

They buy a farm in Tipperary, Ireland. They give up their jobs, friends and home to raise their children in an unpolluted environment. Although Siggy shares her husband’s environmental convictions, she would prefer a warmer climate, maybe an olive farm in Tuscany.

A period of intense learning and acquiring new skills follows: how to raise chickens, pluck geese, breed cattle and sheep, and how to grow all kinds of vegetables. Soon they find out that farming means a never ending workload. They almost kill themselves ─and each other─ to produce healthy food.
I Once Had a Farm in Ireland not only gives advice for budding organic gardeners but it is also the story of a woman who sacrifices her own ideals for the sake of her family until she discovers her own dreams.


More about Siggy Buckley:

Educated in Germany with a Master’s Degree in English, Siggy Buckley lived in Ireland for over 15 years, first teaching at the University of Limerick as an adjunct professor, while building up an organic farm. She later ran her own businesses in Dublin before coming to the USA in 2003. In 2005, Siggy married an American and pursued her life-long dream of writing.
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As you can see from the list below, Siggy Buckley is a very busy woman.
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Siggy Buckley appeared several times on local NPR with Melissa Ross’ First Coast Connect and On First Coast Living (Local TV ─ NBC) and had numerous interviews on blog talk radio. Her experience as a former Irish matchmaker makes her a welcome guest for local paper interviews. She also wrote articles for and