Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Thank you to everyone who visited the blogs in the Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Blog Hop
We've had fun and hope you did, too.
The winner of the rafflecopter giveaway is
Laura M. Our fearless leader, Natalie Star
has been in touch and will award the $70.00 gift card, posthaste.

Becky Nixon has won the drawing for her choice of any one of my eBooks
available on here. I'll be in touch. Thank you for playing.

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A bushel basket full of thank yous goes out to Natalie
of Just Natalie  for organizing this hop.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Blog Hop!

Happy Spring Everyone!

I'm excited to revive the blog with a post to welcome spring 2015 & a giveaway. Two giveaways, as a matter of fact! You'll find the information for the giveaways at the bottom of the page. All participating blogs are listed at the bottom of the page. 

A huge thank you goes out to Just Natalie for all her hard work at corralling participants, prizes, and the like. Let's all give her a hand for putting this hop together. She's pretty awesome!

Winter's long rest leads to spring promise - A fresh start for every living thing.
It's not for us to question why we are given the gift - it's what we do with it that matters. 

My most favorite thing about Spring 2015 is second chances

My parents. Love, kindness, deliberateness, acceptance, forgiving & giving.


Here are a few of my favorite things about spring

Spring Rains
Freshly tilled veggie gardens

Fresh strawberries

Promise of fresh fruit

New babies!

Colorful blooms

Now for the fun part 

The RAFFLECOPTER is at the bottom of this post. You can enter for a chance at a $70.00 gift card - your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You'll find the rafflecopter on each participating blog listed below. The rafflecopter will end at 11:59 EST on 3/23. 

In addition to that prize, I'll be giving away an eBook copy of any one of my published books to one winner. To have your name added to the hat, simply comment with something you love about spring. I'll choose the winner of the eBook on Monday. 

Also, to make it easy to share with your friends, just tick any, or all, 
of the social media buttons at the bottom of this post.

Come back here Wednesday the 25th for the names of the winners.
I'll also announce it on my Facebook page. Everyone is invited to connect with me over there. 
That way, you'll never miss another event.


1. Just Natalie (US)                                                                  8. Diary of Two Mad Authors (INT)
2. Author Jennifer Loiske (INT)                                                            9. Dominique Goodall (INT)
3. Author Linda Bolton (US)                                                         10. A New Day Has Begun (INT)
4. Making Believe (INT)                                                                           11. Vixie's Stories (INT)
5. From the Desk of Nadia Kilrick (INT)                                                           12. Lauri Fern (US)
6. Life According to Jane (INT)                            13. Debra Shiveley Welch Love and Writing (INT)


$70 Gift Card for Amazon or B&N


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WOW Wednesday with Karen Magill

At the desk today, we have Karen Magill. She is an author and a quite special human being. Her blog, Vancouver Vagabond, is one of my favorite blogs. She includes so much information and many great pictures. Oh, I got sidetracked there for a minute. We're here to find out more about her books and the party Did I mention that there will be a release party on 5 March? There sure will be and it's right here.

Author Karen Magill

What if you woke one day to find yourself paralysed on one side of your body?

That’s what happened to Karen Magill on June 5, 2000. Nine days later she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and just over three months after that, she had to leave the best job she had ever had. Ms. Magill started on a frightening, confusing journey that was her life now.

Then something interesting happened. Once Karen began adjusting to her new circumstances, coming to terms with the fact that her former life had vanished, she realized that the MS was a gift. Her eyes opened to the possibilities around her. 

On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success looks at Ms. Magill’s life with MS and the factors in life, which influence her. This isn’t a how to book on living well with chronic illness, but rather a touching, opinionated, sometimes humorous story on how one person has gone from partial paralysis to jumping to touch low hanging tree leaves. 

As long as we aren’t six feet under, we are on the right side and anything is possible. That’s the philosophy Ms. Magill lives by and hopes that readers will come to realize that they too can overcome hardships and live good lives.


First thing in the morning, I am not fully awake but I do know I have to go to the washroom – that room calls me as soon as my eyes open. Sometimes even before. That Monday I crawled the short distance between my bedroom and the bathroom where I hauled myself onto the toilet, took care of business, and then dragged myself up to the bathroom sink. I leaned against the vanity and brushed my teeth, watching myself in the mirror as I did so. It was strange. Nothing on the left side of my face moved. It was as if someone had drawn a line down the center of my body and everything on the right side was fine but the left side didn’t move. What was going on?

All sorts of possibilities go through one’s mind when he or she is waiting for a diagnosis such as this. Could it be cancer? Or something I have never heard of? Was my life going to be cut short? So many possibilities. But that wasn’t what was worrying me.

I was terrified that the results of the MRI wouldn’t show anything and once again medical professionals would think I was imagining things. I began to silently chant to myself, Let the MRI show something. I chanted that refrain the entire time I was travelling downtown.

Yeah, there was a fair amount of self-pity. I resented the fact I had finally got a job which paid well enough for me to have a future and then this happens. It seemed that every time I was making positive advances in my life, something would happen to derail me. Like the accident on the horse – I was going to college in Vancouver and on my summer break when that happened. What dastardly crime did I, or one of my ancestors, commit so that every time I got something good happening in my life, I would get knocked off my feet again.

Perhaps I was also afraid. This was my opportunity to prove that I had writing talent and could succeed in the literary business. What if I didn’t have any talent? What if I was just a dreamer with no talent, no ability, and destined to remain the way I was until I died? What if all my previous failures were a sign I wasn’t capable? What if there was no hope for me?

Karen Magill is a very busy lady. You'll find her working away at any of the places listed below.


Don't forget to come out and be with us at the release party. 
There will be games, prizes and tons of fun with fabulously friendly people!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

eBook Sale Begins Today

Today, I'd like to call your attention to an eBook sale. Not just one eBook, and not just today! Kicking it off, we have four books for $1.99. Here at the desk, we've looked at each of these books before. 
They are worth another look. 
I'm happy to say that one of my own books, 
Rough Hewn: Escape, is also on the list.


Kymber Lee

Regency Romance

Did you know that the society of Regency England forced members of the ton to marry should they been seen in public together? The unescorted young lady’s reputation would be quite ruined otherwise.

This book is one such story and tells of Miss Caroline Denise Whittingham’s misadventures in trying to get her betrothed to ‘cry off’. Unfortunately, one of her scheme’s has her thrown out of the realm of society and her betrothed, Lord Tristan Darlington, refuses to end the engagement until she finds her way back into their good graces. Of a certainty the odds of regaining favor with the peerage are slim, in 1820 London, but Lord Darlington is a great friend of the Countess Lieven and enlists her aid.

K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns

Alternate history of Marilyn Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? Did someone get away with an elaborate plot to murder the famous sex goddess? On that “Fateful Night” in August 1962 find out what may have happened to her and why she was killed. Many argue that she was involved in way too many secrets from different factions of the world. She was a smart woman who could play the dumb blonde to attain her stardom yet she unwittingly learned of conspiracy plots and political threats that would not only end her life but that of the current president, John F. Kennedy.

Nadia Kilrick


Carolyn Breckenship discovers the man she married, is not only mean, he is a serial killer. He sees her as a weak and stupid woman. She is not. She gathers evidence of his crimes, which date back to his childhood. Before collecting proof of his crimes, Carrie suffers greatly at the hands of her husband. Still, she finds the strength and courage needed to carry on despite the urging of her friends that she give up and get out.

Enter an old love, Gabe Stuttshire, and fireworks erupt. Gabe, having done well for himself since he left their hometown, has everything he ever wanted - except Carrie. Coming home to find her in peril stirs up old feelings and he becomes a rock for Carrie and the other friends he left behind.

After a brutal attack by her husband, Carrie finally escapes with the truth, but so does Jim. He continues to wreak havoc on the little village until Gabe decides that Carrie has to leave town for her own safety. And, he has just the place for her to hide out.

John Emil Augustine

A true story of a marriage gone wrong and a fight for survival

24-year-old John Augustine is looking for a lasting, loving relationship and finds one hidden where he least expects it. Knowing that no relationship is perfect, he walks in with eyes wide open but is unable to see the future swirling with hell and heartache. During the struggles of a new marriage, John begins to realize his wife is far different than the woman he thought he married. Her mental illness soon drags the new family past the point of no return. As a man, John struggles to be strong and tackle their problems single handed, though the marital foundation is eroding before his eyes. When his wife files for divorce, he finds himself in a free-fall.


These are the first four of several eBooks that will be $1.99 in the coming days.
Check back often for new listings.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Author Robert F. DeBurgh

We have author Robert F. DeBurgh at the desk today. He is the author of the Riders of the Wind Series. Today, we'll get to know him, and learn what to expect in this exciting series. This author takes us back - back when dreams were driven seemingly beyond human limitations and adventure was open to all who sought it. The reader enters the lives of his characters, with all their troubles and sorry balanced by their joys and love.


Riders of the Wind

Riders of the Wind is an epic novel of adventure and romance set in the scene of aviation during the turbulent times of the nineteen twenties and thirties. The book follows the lives of Charles and Doretta Cross through the era of the great depression, prohibition, the airmail, and the formation of the infant airlines. It graphically portrays the danger, excitement and romance of flight in the pioneering years before World War Two and takes the reader into the cockpit with the airmail pilots of the twenties and the airline route survey pilots flying the heart of the Amazon jungles. A “must read” for anyone interested in aviation or, for that matter, anyone who is merely interested in the history, dress and lifestyle of the pre-WWII era.

Winds of Fate

Winds of Fate takes place during World War II, but you cannot call it a war story. It is the story of Charlie Cross and his wife Doretta, both civilians but ultimately tied to the military, Charlie as a Service

Pilot with Air Transport Command and Doretta as an instructor with the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Charlie flies the Hump from India to China, one of the most dangerous operations in World War II.

According to the author, “The Hump gobbled men and airplanes like a child would eat Christmas candy. This operation is little known and little publicized yet these men managed to bring into China all the supplies that were needed to continue the war against the Japanese. The lessons learned became the basis for the Berlin Airlift and modern day military transport.”

Doretta serves as a WASP, operating against male prejudice, difficult flying conditions and sometimes flying dangerous aircraft. The ladies who took on the duties of a WASP did an amazing job of flying military airplanes and doing many jobs male pilots did not want to do here in the US.

Winds of Fate is a fast paced well-written novel that everyone will enjoy reading. You do not need to be a fan of aviation or World War II stories to appreciate this book. The reader will be entranced by the action, brought to tears when someone is lost and filled with happiness when true love is found. Anyone who loves a great story will find it difficult to put this book down once you get started.

Author bio:

Robert DeBurgh learned to fly at the age of fifteen and has over twenty thousand hours of flight
time. He has been a flight instructor, cargo pilot, mail pilot, bush pilot, mercenary fighter pilot and has served as captain for three airlines.
As a professional pilot, DeBurgh has flown in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa. He has served as captain for three overseas airlines and for seventeen years served his country in the capacity of a pilot examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration until his retirement.
As an author, he has written aviation articles and stories for various publications and has written many science fiction and fantasy short stories, was a columnist for two newspapers and associate editor for “American Roadracing Magazine.”
At the present time he writes articles for “Indian Aviation Magazine” and several US magazines and is the author of the widely acclaimed novels, Riders of the Wind and Winds of Fate. In each of these novels DeBurgh has woven a tale of high adventure set against an accurate background of actual historical events.
His new novel, The Winds of Kunlun Shan, due to be released in the autumn of 2014, is the third book in the Riders of the Wind series.

Book links

Riders of the Wind

Winds of Fate