Monday, November 11, 2013

Laurie Boris & Sliding Past Vertical

Good morning friends. Today, I am slamming my head on the desk. Figuratively, of course. I intended to have Laurie Boris at the desk two weeks ago. I completely missed the window that included her .99 sale. I apologize to her, and to my readers who missed the opportunity to grab this book at a reduced price. Even at full price, this is a great read. It comes highly recommended by everyone I've spoken to about it. It's on my own must read list. Fifteen five star, and two four star reviews make it an  average 4.9 star book. You can't go wrong with that sort of praise!

Here's a little about the author, and the book, Sliding Past Vertical.


Sliding Past Vertical is a literary love story. It's about Sarah Cohen, a young woman who rarely looks before she leaps, and Emerson McCann, her old college boyfriend, always a phone call away with a metaphorical mop to help her clean up the mess. To Sarah, now living in Boston, it’s a comfortable, long-distance relationship. But Emerson’s feelings for her are a little different. He’d stayed behind in Syracuse and never stopped loving her, even when he could only watch and offer comfort as she dated loser after loser, even when he wanted her set upon by the Seven Plagues of Egypt—especially the boils. When the latest boyfriend du jour puts Sarah in deep trouble, Emerson again rushes to her aid. Cleaning up this mess puts Sarah too close for comfort when she decides that to correct the crooked trajectory of her life, she needs to return to Syracuse, where it all started going wrong. But with Sarah the walking disaster in town, is anyone really safe?

Laurie Boris
Laurie Boris is an editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer who wrote this story in part because she missed the “old days” of drafting tables and hot wax. Also an award-winning author, she’s been writing fiction for almost thirty years. She’s previously published three novels set in her home base in New York’s Hudson Valley, all contemporary fiction, including The Joke’s on Me, Drawing Breath, and Don’t Tell Anyone. Sliding Past Vertical is Boris’ first fictional trip back into the past, which, according to many authors below the age of thirty, represents anything that happened before the invention of Twitter. When she’s not playing with the fictional people in her head, Laurie enjoys baseball, cooking, and helping aspiring authors as contributing writer and associate editor of

You'll find the ebook 'Sliding Past Vertical' HERE.
The paperback, HERE.


Watch for another head to desk post tomorrow. 
That's right, I'll be doing this again, as I also missed a post for author, S. L. Wallace. 



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  2. Awesome!!! Way to go Laurie and Nadia. Great book Laurie, by the way!