Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOW Wednesday with Arlene R. O'Neil

Once again, it's WOW Wednesday. I'm honored to have Arlene R. O'Neil here at the desk today. She's an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. Her strength and determination is evident in the sojourn that is her life. Her kindness to people and animals is unmatched by most. Arlene not only shares her story, but along the way, she shares her heart with all who have an ear to hear its softly beating whispers.

We're going to spotlight Broken Spokes today.

Broken Spokes is more than a well-written, interesting read. It is an inspirational collection of the memories of a courageous child who, in spite of physical and emotional suffering, grew into a compassionate, loving and valiant woman. Crippled at age six, the author begins an odyssey which will consume her entire life. Through her sufferings, she finds a way to heal others, and in doing so, saves herself.

"Writing is what lights me up," states Arlene R. O'Neil. "Being a visual writer, I love seeing my work come to life: to take the reader with me on a journey word by word: to touch a reader whether through laughter or tears." Her current book, "Broken Spokes," refers to broken bones, broken bike, and broken spirit. It
speaks to the reader of determination, of survival, of inspiration.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Mrs. O'Neil moved to South Carolina to work on her second novel, which will relate the roller coaster life of being the parent of a Soldier on active duty. O'Neil says, "My son, SGT Tanner O'Neil, is a member of the United States Army and the joy, pride, and love of my life. After five tours of duty to active war zones, I feel the need to share my experience with other parents in hope of lessening their fears." SGT O'Neil recently returned from his 5th combat tour.

Currently Arlene lives with her two Labradors, Holly and Bruno, and her adorable pet goats, Paxton, JaeJay, Rupert, Patches, and Frosty. "These amazing characters have helped me through some incredibly difficult times and I love them dearly."

Aside from writing, supporting her son while deployed, and caring for her animals, Arlene lives on 3 ½ acres of land that she and her beloved animals enjoy.

An author, editor and proofreader, Arlene R. O'Neil may be contacted at


If you'd like to get in touch with Arlene, you'll find her at the links below.


Typically, this is where I'd say goodbye, but today, I want to add a little extra to WOW Wednesday. 
What could be more WOW than to celebrate the selfless contributions 
made by one of our own? Arlene's son, SGT Tanner O'Neil,  serves the 
United States and her people by devoting himself to 
the cause of freedom around the world. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank him personally.
I applaud your dedication, loyalty, heart and giving spirit.
My gratitude and prayers are with you, Tanner, 
and all those, who, like you, serve others.  
Thank you will never be enough.
But, thank you.



  1. That was so beautiful. Especially your words to Arlene's son, SGT Tanner O'Neil. His dedication is what makes this country great.

    I am so grateful to Arlene for her inspiring story that moved me so much but also if it wasn't for her I would never have been re-published. Arlene is a giving person with a great big heart. So are you Nadia, which makes me feel blessed just knowing you girls!

  2. Thank you, Brenda. I feel the same about you and Arlene. You both have such big sharing hearts!

    It's no wonder SGT O'Neil grew up to be a giver and protector of others with a mother like Arlene.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about Arlene. That was really good post. Her books seem real inspirational :)