Monday, April 29, 2013

An Exercise - Write Your Novel in Less Than 60 Days

Good Monday morning. You know what Monday means? Hit the ground running! Be present in your life, be productive in your endeavors and be proud of your accomplishments.

Today, I want to share an exercise I've been working on. It started out as something I did to post above my desk. My own personal reminder to get to it and get it done. A friend asked for a copy and suggested I share it on my blog. I'm nothing if not accomodating so I agreed. *smile*

If we make writing part of our routine, it gets easier with time. There will always be things that crop up in our daily lives that take us away from our writing. Even so, it is important that we stick to a routine if we are to finish what we start.


If you attempt this exercise and cannot make the word count on some days, don't stress about it. Rather, add a few extra words on the 500 word days. Many of you will take the weekends off. If you don't follow the weekend word count in this exercise, you'll be 8000 words shy of the goal. These words can be made up throughout the week at any rate you're comfortable writing them or by simply adding a few days to the 60 day exercise. Again, the goal is to make writing a habit - part of the daily routine.

This exercise is one I try to follow. I have failed and even gone a month without writing a single word. Having this printed and hanging on the wall above my desk reminds me that I should be writing when I'm slacking off. I hope it helps you do the same. Even if you cut the word count in half to meet your busy lifestyle, you'll still be writing and that is the goal.


For an in-depth look at writing a novel in 30, 60 or 90 days, there are several books available by authors who share their expertise in books with titles similar to, 'Write a Novel/Book in Less Than X Days'. A quick search on Amazon will turn up an extended list to choose from.

Remember, the goal is to make writing part of your daily routine. If you want to finish your novel before your great-grandchildren are visiting for Sunday dinners, writing will have to be a habit and not a hobby.
A new month starts on Wednesday. May would be a good month to start something new.
Don't you think?
Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you all enjoy a productive week.


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