Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Children's Author, Dvora Swickle

I'd like to introduce you to Dvora Swickle. Dvora is the author of several children's books. Her stories are upbeat, rhyming and easy to read. The fun and colorful artwork in her books provide a pleasing and playful backdrop to her stories. The characters are always on a mission of one sort or another but Dvora makes it fun for children to follow along. Today, we'll have a look at "The Old Washing Machine" a Mother's Day story and "First, but Last" A snail who wants to be arrive first.

The Old Washing Machine

In this story, Norman finds a gift in a most unlikely place. He learns that when you set your mind to do something for those you love, there is always a way to accomplish your goal.

Reader Rebecca Ford had this to say about The Old Washing Machine:

"My two nephews LOVE this book. They are both under 5. It's a perfect pick for bedtime."

You can purchase The Old Washing Machine here.

First, but Last

Generally, being a snail might slow you down a bit. In this story, you'll follow along with a snail who dreams of getting ahead of the crowd and be the first to arrive. The snail's journey will intrigue the little ones in your life.

Here is what readers are saying about First, but Last:

"The rhyme and repetition is wonderful for emergent readers! They will be able to "read" along and participate in the story..." ~Anne M. Slanina

"My children enjoyed this book about friendship with a snail, rabbit, snake, frog and an owl..." ~Taylor Lakke

You can purchase First, but Last here.


Below are three additional titles by Dvora Swickle that are available at She has many more children's stories listed at Amazon.
Bug In A Bottle
Paperback & Kindle Editions

Find out what happens when this little bug does not go home where he would be safe and sound.

Thomas J Marshall had this to say about Bug in a Bottle: "...It gives a good message of the importance of home, and the illustrations, also done by Ms Swickle, are entertaining...."

Kittywampus (A children's poetry book)
Kindle Edition
Fun quirky poems that are sure to make you smile.

Eggs Four Tea (A children's picture book)
Kindle Edition

Ellie the elephant always has troubles remember names; she meets a new friend who teaches her a trick for remembering names.

Hear what readers Mellisa and Chris Cianciulli had to say about Eggs Four Tea:

"My mom read this to my daughters ages 1 and 4 last night. They loved it. Dvora is a great writer..." ~Mellisa
"...colorful story with a positive message for kids..." ~Chris Cianciulli

Biography provided by Dvora Swickle

Dvora Swickle lives in the quaint fishing village of Gig Harbor, Washington. There the grass is green, the trees are tall, and the animals roam freely. Dvora believes that all children should live bully free and learn confidence in their own special ways. My stories are like a box of cracker jacks, a lovely reading experience with a message inside just for them to grow on. In this day we are all going in so many directions it's hard to stop and give advice, sometimes advice is not wanted. Kids like to think they know it all but we know that is impossible, for experience is the gift of learning. Come and join Dvora as she tells her many tales. Her words will follow you all through your life!

Dvora Swickle (AKA D.A. Johnson) has been entertaining and writing for children (and her two kids) for over 20 years. Dvora drove school bus for 10 years enjoys reading in school classrooms. She has a captivating voice. Dvora now works with special needs children and is devoted to helping students 18 to 21 transition from high school into the work community and living independently.

Stories can help students understand problems without feeling it is directed towards them personally. Dvora enjoys reading and putting fun voices to her characters, inviting children to take part. Every time she reads "sweet green grass" kids are encouraged to raise there hands. Dvora loves seeing all the fingers in the air, makes her feel so appreciated and lov'd.

She has written over 40 stories and is the author of two poetry collections. The first poetry collection "Dress Up" is available in paperback. The second collection "Kittywampus" is available in eBook format. Dvora encourages young children to develop a life-long love for language and reading. She believes that poetry can play a big role in motivating children to read. "Poetry helps young readers understand language, words and feelings through rhythm and rhyme. Children feel comfortable with poems because it's like playtime with words."

Dvora's motto is:
"Time To Read Another Book"


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