Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Visit with Brenda Perlin

I'm excited to have Brenda Perlin visit with us here at the desk today. Brenda is highly energetic, motivated and friendly - so much so that it tends to flood out onto those around her - in the best of ways, of course. *smile* I know you'll enjoy getting to know her and learning more about her book, Home Wrecker.  She has exciting news to share with us concerning her book release, too. Let's get straight to the interview. 


The Interview:

1.) What inspired you to write your first book?

My inspiration came while I was planning my wedding. I was approaching 30 and going through what you might call a mini life crisis. I picked the story back up while I was going through a divorce some 15 years later and possibly going through a real life crisis!!!

2.) What was your favorite part of the book to write and why?

I think I enjoyed talking about my new found love. Even though I was over forty I felt like a silly teenager. I was so giddy in love.

3.) Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

That would be a big fat YES!!!! I have learned quite a bit along the way. I am still learning. Most of the time I feel as green as Kermit the frog. More than anything I learned not to let criticism stop me from what I am doing. People are entitled to their opinion. Not everyone is going to appreciate my story.

4.) What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Let’s start with the best compliment. It feels so good when someone reads your book and wants to talk to you about it and share something personal. It makes me feel that they connected to my story in some way.

As far as criticism I have been pretty lucky. I can’t really remember any except for a few rejection letters I received initially. Honestly people have been pretty kind to me even though my book is titled Home Wrecker.  People have definitely been more understanding than I would have expected.

5.) Was there a particular person who stood out in their support of your writing in the beginning?

Yes, I had a relative that believed in me from the first time she read my writing. She told me early on that I had a special gift. She really believed in me.

6.) What has been the biggest challenge in your writing/publishing life so far?

My biggest challenge was when I signed up with my first publisher. They were a very deceitful company that was only interested in the money. Before my book came out I was so excited. That was until I saw that they were charging $27.95 for my paperback. It was extremely embarrassing. How can you ask people to spend so much money? I tried to get them to understand but they would not budge. I felt it really hurt my sales and put off a lot of people.

7.) How did you feel when your first novel was accepted by a publisher?

When I received my first acceptance letter I was over the moon excited! It felt so good to get that kind of gratification. Even though it didn’t work out, it has been such a great learning experience. I feel so fortunately to have had this experience.

8.) Any recent or upcoming appearances/events that you would like to share with us?

I sure do. I am having a Home Wrecker book release party on April 29th on Facebook at 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please join in on the fun! The more the merrier!!!!!

9.) Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Well, first of all I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read my book. That is such a good feeling. I really appreciate the support. Also I would like to ask if you do read my book and you like it I would be so grateful if you could leave a review on or both. That is the highest compliment you can give a writer!

10.) Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I would be happy to. This is from my second book Home Wrecker: The Brooklyn Chronicles. I can’t wait for it’s release as well! It is all so exciting!!!

“I never planned on being an adulteress, or a cheater, or even a liar. I have told plenty of little white lies in my lifetime but it wasn’t really in my makeup to do something so unethical, as I did. Cheating wasn’t something I ever considered doing. It certainly was not in my nature or had anything to do with my upbringing. I was raised to be a “good girl” whatever went along with that. I was taught to treat people as you wanted to be treated. My parents were respectful individuals and if I were to bet, they never did anything against the law. Well, that is not exactly 100% honest. They both had their departures from innocence. My mom had a bad habit of eating candy from the bulk bins in the grocery store as if they were free samples. She thought she could eat at her leisure while she strolled around with her grocery cart in one hand and her ill gotten goods in the other. My dad also had a few digressions that I witnessed on numerous occasions. Once I caught him changing a price tag to his advantage at Costco and another time I caught him while we were vacationing in France unscrewing the shower head from the hotels shower. He said he liked the water pressure so much that he actually got out tools that he brought from home, climbed up on a chair from the bedroom and went to work to remove the entire shower head. It was not as easy of a job as he thought and all his efforts were wasted. He realized after he removed the piece that the wiring would not work on his shower at home. The question I have is, who brings large amounts of tools with them on a plane traveling across the ocean? That would be my dad in a nut shell. He appreciated good equipment and he definitely liked a deal.”


The Book:

Brenda Perlin’s Home Wrecker
The Home Wrecker book cover was created
by cover artist JD Robinson at Rabbit Run Films.
He did an outstanding job.

Home Wrecker is the first book in a three part series that follows the main character, Brooklyn throughout her childhood, adult life and then what seems like an “endless” journey towards redemption for her and her new love interest, Bo.
Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to someone else, have to decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for each other. What would Brooklyn's husband and Bo's soon-to-be ex-wife do to break them up?

Brenda Perlin was born in Los Angeles, California in the Sixties. She studied acting and photography after high school. Later, her true passion was ignited when she became interested in health and fitness and became a fitness instructor. At twenty-nine she started writing Home Wrecker during the time she was getting married. She put her story down shortly after the wedding and didn’t pick it back up until she was forty-six and going through a divorce.
She now resides in Orange County, California.

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Now that we've come to the end of our visit, I'd like to remind out readers again about the book release party for Home Wrecker at 4:00 pm PST on 29th April. It's just a few short days away and promises to be fun for all!  Please join in on all the fun at the link below.


It's been a pleasure having you visit with us today, Brenda.
Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the book. 
Please join me in thanking Brenda for visiting with us
here at Nadia's desk by commenting below.


  1. Thank you Nadia for doing such a lovely job for me here on your blog! I really appreciate your kindness and generosity. It has been a pleasure meeting you. You are lovely!

  2. I was thrilled to do it, Brenda. I've enjoyed getting to know you better & look forward to reading Home Wrecker and all that come after it. Looking forward to the book launch party!