Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spotlight on "Take 2" by Linda Bolton

Good morning everyone! I am excited today to bring you a couple of excerpts from a great contemporary romance book I have just recently read titled Take 2 from author Linda Bolton. But before the excerpts I just want to say Linda, you are a super writer and thank you for allowing me to highlight your work. I’ve read your reviews and your fans are right when they say “it’s a wonderful story.”

I hope you enjoy these excerpts as much as I did!

Excerpt One:

Derek was feeling like a fool, following Alex and Tristen through the hotel. Guests, fans, stared as they realized it was Derek. He stopped into a shop and bought a baseball cap and sunglasses. He looked like a fool, but he hoped not a ‘famous’ fool. He tried to blend in as he followed the couple.                       

Shouldn’t I trust Alex? he thought as guilt at his behavior seeped in. Then he saw Tristen put his arm around Alex as they arrived at the restaurant. Derek gritted his teeth. As long as it took him to realize he was in love with her he didn’t want to lose her now. He stood in the shadows of the breezeway and watched the couple have dinner. Alex was smiling and laughing. Damn, he can be charming! She better not fall for him. Derek was getting angrier by the minute.

Excerpt Two:

Derek tried to avoid Lyla off set, but he just couldn’t seem to shake her. On screen, during the love scenes, she was all over him. They had to reshoot dozens of times. Lyla was trying so hard to smother Derek she wasn’t listening to the director’s instructions. The plan had been to spend two days with Derek and Lyla’s scenes, then off to the action. Lyla saw to it her scenes dragged on for an extra day. Then, while Derek shot the action scenes; gun fights on board the yacht, driving a jet ski while being chased by a racing boat, and many dives into the Persian Gulf, Lyla waited on the beach for his return. Derek couldn’t wait until the war scenes on the Highway of Death; he’d finally escape Lyla’s grasp!                       

Derek knew all the gossip of his and Lyla’s relationship was already hitting the States. Alex knew his reputation and he was sure, if Alex saw the news, she’d believe it. What chance would he have with her now?

Didn’t I tell you it’s a great story? You can get it this week for just 99 cents while it’s on sale on Amazon:

Linda Bolton is currently working on her second book to be released late summer/early fall 2013. When she’s not writing, Linda is a GiGi, playing with her new granddaughter Z, and working full-time.


If you'd like to find out more about Linda Bolton and her work, you can connect with this great author at:


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