Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Author Spotlight – Brenda Perlin

It's Author Spotlight Day at the desk today and it's all about Brenda Perlin. Brenda is another great author with Master Koda Select Publishing. Her first book, Home Wrecker I, gives rise to the Home Wrecker Chronicles and has rapidly gained a following. The story has pulled readers into the lives of a couple, Brooklyn and Bo, who unexpectedly find each other at a time when neither was searching. Their story has garnered honest, and at times, cutting reviews. On the other side of the review coin, readers readily admit to searching their own hearts once they close the virtual cover of this well-written book. Brenda Perlin has more stories to tell. Her characters are full of life and love with many adventures to come. The release of Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles is highly anticipated by the author's growing fan base. And, they will be happy to know that the wait is nearly over as the book is fast-tracking through the Master Koda publishing house as I type these words.

On a personal note, I met Brenda in the Master Koda writer's group on Facebook. I haven't known her long but in the short time since we've become acquainted, I'm proud to call her my friend. She's a women with a soft heart who speaks kindly of everyone and is always available to her friends and others who need encouragement. If you ever have occasion to meet or spend time with her, you'll be richly blessed by the encounter.

Now, let's get to Brenda's books.

Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to others, must decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for their love. 

"Throughout Brooklyn’s life, she felt like she was on an endless journey toward redemption and she would have to be stronger than she ever imagined; do things she never felt herself capable of doing. When she finally found her soul mate, he came with one big snag: a wife. Brooklyn found herself fighting off her soon to be ex-husband and her lover’s wife. She knew what she was doing was wrong and yet… she couldn't turn back. No matter how much pain she may cause, it was too late. Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to others, must decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for their love. Brooklyn’s husband and Bo’s wife would try everything to break them apart and it was then Brooklyn finally confronted her own demons and came clean with everything and everyone in her life… even herself."

A Home Wrecker Divorce

“I had no intention of forsaking my wedding vows. I had strong morals and never could have imagined going against them.”

My parents were married over 30 years and even though they may not have been the best suited couple they planned on staying together until the end. Unfortunately, my mom’s end was sooner than expected. There is not a lot of divorce in my family and I never thought I would be another casualty. I believed in marriage and I still do. When I walked out on my marriage I left with disgrace and many called a Home Wrecker without knowing the whole story. Sometimes your life is altered in such a way that you do things that are totally unexpected.


Purchase link for 'Home Wrecker I'

***Watch for Brooklyn and Bo's return in Home Wrecker II
coming soon from Master Koda Select Publishing.***


Brenda Perlin is an independent adult contemporary fiction author. Brenda evokes emotional responses in her readers by using a provocatively unique writing style. Her latest book, Home Wrecker, captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a personal struggle for emotional fulfillment.

Ever since Brenda was a child, she has been fascinated with writing. She draws her biggest inspiration from Judy Blume. This sparked a passion in Brenda to pursue personal expression through writing. Once she was old enough to go to coffee shops alone, Brenda recalls losing herself in the world of writing, all while documenting her ideas on paper napkins.

There is really no creative process, I just write.” – Brenda Perlin

Brenda’s first book, Home Wrecker I (Home Wrecker Chronicles), was published with Master Koda Select Publishing. Within a
short time, the book developed a strong fan base and is continuing to grow as it both entertains its readers and leaves them in a state of profound reflection. In the near future, Brenda would like to have Home Wrecker I expanded into a trilogy in order to tell the untold stories of her characters.

Here's the link to view Brenda's Home Wrecker Book Trailer

Brenda Perlin enjoys hearing from her fans and can be found at several sites across the web.













  1. Thank you for sharing! You are a wonderful supportive person. I wish you success with all of your new books!!!! :-)

  2. As always, it was my pleasure, Brenda. I wish you the same success on your upcoming books!