Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Revisions - A First

It's a beautiful Wednesday in my part of the country. I hope y'all are enjoying some of this lovely weather where you are, too.

I want to share a 'first' with y'all. Although I've been writing fiction for years, I have never had any of it professionally edited. No, I haven't published any of my stories. I knew that publishing a story  without the keen eye of an editor would be a mistake, at least for me. So, my stories have found their way into boxes for years. They've lived in dark, dusty places while I lived my life without *much* thought of publication.

As many of you know, I recently signed a contract with Master Koda Select Publishing for the first book in my trilogy, "Rough Hewn". I've also written a short story that won entry into the Master Koda "Literary Treasures" anthology, due out this summer.

Of course, having a story to tell does not equate to a story that is shined up and ready to publish. Unless you are an editor by trade or extremely well-versed and accomplished in the art of fiction writing, of course.

Here are a few things I learned from my first-ever professional editing process:
  • Show, don't tell - I am too wordy.
  • I need to pay closer attention to details so as not to turn 'a' into 'b' within the story.
  • No head-hopping allowed - POV (point of view) is really important!
  • A professional edit is not so scary after all.
  • Working with an honest, trustworthy and compassionate team of people is imperative to a comfortable working relationship.

"Ziggy Returns", a ghost story with a little humor and a tad bit of romance, has been edited. I dreaded having edits/revisions to do. As it turns out, I was pleased with the process. When I received the edits from my publisher, I was surprised to find a few things that I should have caught before submitting the manuscript. I learned quite a bit from her suggestions throughout the manuscript, as well. I sent my revisions back on  Monday night. I'm not delusional enough to think that one round has 'fixed' the story. I fully expect that I'll have to go back into it again. If so, I'm ready. If not, all the better for us both. *smile*

The book cover to the left may not be the final cover for "Ziggy Returns". It is one I created using two separate Microsoft Office programs. My publisher works with a great cover artist who may decide that she can improve on my version of the cover. Improvement is a good thing.

I'd love to hear about your first ever revision stories.


  1. Getting your feet wet doesn't hurt so much after all. Gogogogo

  2. It didn't hurt at all. I'm waiting on the second round now. That'll tell the tale about how well I understood the first. ;-)