Monday, August 26, 2013

'Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe' by Lisa Day

Please welcome Lisa Day to the desk today. It's a good day when one can share a Lisa Day book. That makes today a good day because we have her new novel.

The American Frontier is the setting for Lisa Day’s novel, Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe. This fictional historical romance takes place in 1859 on the Santa Fe Trail.

As was the case during the early years, many unattached women left the more civilized settlements of the East to travel west into the wilds where clashes between Native peoples and newcomers were common. In many instances, stories were twisted by the time they reached the eastern coast. Natives were not all savages and all white men trekking across the frontier were not gentlemen. Six women learn these lessons first hand as they make the journey by wagon train under the watchful eye of Wade Masterson.

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  1. A belated Thank you for posting my book on your blog. I apparently had link issues.

  2. I was happy to do it, Lisa. It's a great story!