Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek

Here is today's Saturday Sneak Peek post. An excerpt from chapter eighteen in my WIP, "Rough Hewn". Here we have a conversation between Charlotte and Lorianna, two important characters in the life of Carolyn Dunsmorrest Breckenship.

Charlotte began clearing the table. “Ray, take Gabe in there and show him what you are doing in the nursery. We’ll have some of Lorianna’s delicious cake with coffee in the living room in a few minutes.”

“Yes ma’am.” Raymond saluted his wife. “Come on back here Gabe. I’ll show you the wall I tore out. Maybe you can help me figure out how to put it back up.” Charlotte shot him a ‘you better not have’ look. “Don’t worry honey, I’ve got it all under control.”

“Famous last words.” Lorianna was stacking dishes next to the sink. “He is such a comedian, Charlotte.”

“Yes he is. We laugh a lot in this house. I think that is what kept us going in the rough times.” Charlotte shared.

“Rough times?” Lorianna questioned Charlotte.

Charlotte smiled. “Oh yes. We have hit a few bumps in the road along the way. Nothing we could not work out though. We always knew that our love was paramount in every situation. Even when we were angry with each other we never forgot that.”

Lorianna smiled at Charlotte. “It amazes me when I see two people so much in love. It makes my heart smile.” She thought of Carolyn then. How sad her life had been since she married Jim. “I wish all my friends could have the kind of happiness you and Ray have.”

“Me too.” Charlotte agreed. “You and Gabe are next. The two of you have to find your other halves.” She laughed. “Well, that is sort of a weird thing to say isn’t it? You know what I mean, right?”

“I know exactly what you mean. I am still not ready although, I do think of it sometimes. As for Gabe, his heart is filled to the brim with Carrie Dunsmorrest. Well, Breckenship now. There will never be an empty spot in it for anyone else.” Lorianna looked at her reflection in the window glass over the sink. She realized in that moment that she really did want someone of her own. Someone to share her life - hers and Billy’s. Billy needed a male influence in his life. How could she teach the boy how to be a man in this world when she knew nothing about growing from a boy to a man?

“Lorianna?” Charlotte tapped her shoulder. “Earth to Lorianna.”

“I’m sorry. I was lost in my head there for a minute.” She dried her hands on the towel Charlotte handed her.

Charlotte picked up the coffee tray. “If you’ll grab that tray with the cake on it, we’ll go into the living room and see what Gabe has on his mind.”

“I’m right behind you.” Lorianna followed her into the living room. Setting the dessert tray on the coffee table, “Can you believe the nights are already getting cool enough for a fire in the fireplace? It is going to be winter before we know it. I hope we get at least one good snow this year. I’m looking forward to taking Billy sledding on that big hill in the pasture behind my parents place.” She sat on the rock hearth watching the low flames dance above oak logs.

“He will have a blast flying down that hill with you. I think we are in for a rough winter. The hornets are building their nests underground instead of in the trees. That usually means a bad winter.” Charlotte shared.


This excerpt is from the first draft of Rough Hewn. The novel Vanda's Calling is still percolating while I edit Rough Hewn & the sequel for publication. It was odd how these characters demanded that I tell their story before Vanda's. I hope to get back to her story soon. In the meanwhile, I do hope you will drop back in for updates on my current projects.

Thank you all so much for visiting. A great big thank you to my beta readers out there. Without you I would be swimming in a sea of confusion some days. *smile*