Monday, April 20, 2015

Seven Things

My publisher, Kim Mutch Emerson, (Master Koda Select Publishing), challenged us
to write seven things nobody knew about us as writers. Here are my seven.

  1. The same string of numbers appears in every book I write. They are an alarm code, a license number and so on.
  2. Every book includes the name of someone that has touched my life in some way. Good and not so good. No, I won’t say which ones. I’ll leave it to your imagination.
  3. When a word doesn’t come quick enough, I will type, “SOME WORD I CAN’T THINK OF GOES HERE”, in bright, bolded red CAPS. Doing so allows me to move on with the story. It also makes it easier to spot when I go back to edit.
  4. There are times when I type an entire paragraph of nonsensical text, (the ridiculous brown squirrel typed silly words over and over because her brain was turning to mush…), until what I need to write comes to me. Of course, that is also typed in red CAPS for later removal.
  5. While editing, I’ve been known (by my cats and poodle) to rant at my publisher and editor in a very loud voice. Afterwards, I follow instructions like a good author and thank them whole-heartedly for their brilliance. Hmm, I think I’ve just outed myself… Love y’all!
  6. I have a small fountain sitting on my desk. I listen to the water trickle over the stones when I write.
  7. I believe, as in real life, not all stories will have happy endings.

Those are my seven things. Feel free to share yours in the comments. I’d love to get a peek. 

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