Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer 2012 - The Journey Begins

Happy Monday Everyone

It has been a shameful five months since the last update on this blog. I will be breathing some life back into it with regular postings this year. This being Monday, I will kick start it with what has happened in my life since my last post.

Summer 2012

I spent some time on a beautiful mountain during the summer. My sister blessed me with a 30' travel trailer early in the summer. There was only one problem - the travel trailer was in the state of Missouri - needed to be moved to the state of Tennessee - I was in the state of Florida without a truck. It seemed, for a time, as if I would not be able to move it from point A to point B. Then, family and friends came together from four different states. It was a remarkable sight. I hitched a ride to Tennessee and met friends from North Carolina who had borrowed a truck powerful enough to haul the travel trailer from Missouri to Tennessee. By the time it was over, the trailer was in Tennessee and was not going any further without some serious repairs. It was an adventure, indeed.

Why tell y'all about this adventure? Because of the time I spent in that travel trailer on the mountain, I wrote the second book in the Rough Hewn Trilogy. My intention was to finish a novel before returning to Florida. At the time, I had not intended to write more than one Rough Hewn novel but Carolyn's story kept speaking to me and I decided rather than write an extra long novel, I'd split it up into a trilogy.

When I returned to Florida, I wrote the prequel - a little backwards, the first written after the second, but that is how it has happened.

Autumn 2012

Skipping ahead into mid autumn, the second book of the trilogy complete, I submitted it to a publisher. A small independent publishing house operated by an intelligent, goal-oriented and compassionate woman who has chosen a team of editors, cover artists and marketing experts who, like herself, are keen on details. These professionals insist on nothing less than the best from themselves and the authors they publish.

Once again, I feel blessed. This time, blessed to have my manuscript accepted by Master Koda Select Publishing.

Valentine's Day 2013

I signed the contract for the first part of Rough Hewn at 5:22PM and hit the send button at 5:48PM, 14 February 2013. How is that for a Valentine's Day present?

I know the real work begins with the first revisions/editing proposed by the editor who has been carefully reading through my manuscript with red ink at the ready. I can say with all certainty that I am prepared to do what is needed to bring Carlolyn's story to life. In fact, I'm looking forward to it.

Below is a scant timeline from my facebook page.

Oct 25
Rough Hewn submitted to publisher along with a silent prayer.
Nov 9
When does two weeks feel like an eternity? After you've submitted your 'baby' to an agent or publisher. Busy, busy, busy and still the doubting Thomas thoughts creep in...
Dec 2
With this line, "Myrna Glass would never give up the search for her daughter." the prequel to Rough Hewn is written. Now, to go back and *try* to edit out the bad bits. I still haven't heard anything from the publisher/editor concerning the Rough Hewn Trilogy.

However, I will continue to plod on with hopes and prayers. There is still much work to be done before it sees the light of day but I do love these characters and look forward to finishing their story.
22 Dec
I've been spending some time with family recently. This has given the prequel to Rough Hewn time to sit and stew - or me the time to sit and stew on it before I go in and clean it up. In the interim, I've been working on a short story for another publisher (or, perhaps I'll take it straight to Kindle -decisions, decisions). It's a paranormal/romance with a few laughs thrown in.

I'm awaiting input from my beta readers on this one.
6 Jan
I've come to the conclusion that having your manuscript read by an editor/publisher is quite like having your skirt blow up around your waist in public. What was once only known to & understood by you is now on display for everyone to see. The combination of excitement and nervousness make for a serious case of nausea.
18 Jan
I am working on a book trailer today. I should say, I am learning how to create a book trailer today. ... Then again, I have yet to master the process.
30 Jan
Weeks after submitting a manuscript to a publisher or agent and you think - that entire bit should have been rewritten or, I used a character name too often or....
6 Feb
At this moment, bones are being removed from their dark hiding places in the mountain. Evil is beginning to creep into the light. Were the miles put between good and evil far enough to protect those who narrowly escaped? We'll soon find out.
14 Feb
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. My heart is full today, full of the love of life and the exciting things happening in my world. I'll be sharing some good news with y'all soon.
16 Feb
I would like to share with you all that on Thursday, the 14th, I signed a publishing contract with Master Koda Select Publishing for the first book in the Rough Hewn Trilogy.

I'm so very excited that Carolyn's story will be published. I've grown to love these characters & hope y'all will, as well.

Now, the real work begins.

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